2023-06-30 I2P+ 2.3.0+ released

2023-06-30 dr|z3d
 * Console: Fix display of floodfills in /profiles section

2023-06-28 dr|z3d
 * Router: Add info level logging for replies as floodfill to lookup requests

2023-06-21 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Add server/client status counters to index page

2023-06-15 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add UI toggle to enable/disable alternative display font for console
   and default web apps

2023-06-14 dr|z3d
 * Console: enable auto-refresh for /netdb and /stats

2023-06-12 dr|z3d
 * Console: Switch from post to get for netdb lookups

2023-06-07 dr|z3d
 * Console: Merge upstream comsetic fixes for graph rendering

2023-05-14 dr|z3d
 * Console: Iconize navbar links in configuration section

2023-05-10 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add visibility toggle for settings panel on /graphs

2023-05-05 dr|z3d
 * Router: Reject unsolicted RIs if unreachable or no GeoIP data

2023-05-01 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase DNS cache time to 1h (was 2m)
 * Console: Incorporate congestion caps indicators into sybil section

2023-04-18 dr|z3d
 * Router: Force immediate disconnect from peers publishing wrong IP address

2023-04-14 dr|z3d
 * Console: Disable router updates via torrent unless

2023-04-11 dr|z3d
 * Installer: Delete Windows-specific files post-install on non-Windows,
   esp. wrapper-windows.jar which was preventing wrapper from functioning

2023-04-09 dr|z3d
 * Console: Remove option for redundant Peers (advanced) sidebar section

2023-04-08 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add auto-refreshing session bans page to /profiles

2023-03-28 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase ban time for routers making excessive lookup requests
 * Console: Show peer test avg in sidebar by default; show message delay
   on congestion badge

2023-03-26 dr|z3d
* Proxy: Update outproxy UserAgent to latest Tor browser version

2023-03-26 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Allocate more handler threads for i2ptunnelserver according to
   JVM-allocated RAM

2023-03-26 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add Congestion caps count on /netdb

2023-03-22 dr|z3d
 * Blocklist:
   - Add router.blocklistCountries.enable option to enable selective
     blocking of countries
   - Add router.blocklistFeed.enable option to enable/disable feed blocklist
 * Console: Add known peers to sidebar peers badge

2023-03-21 dr|z3d
 * i2ping: Allocate more ram to the JVM to avoid OOM on newer java versions
   (reported by dragonheart)

2023-03-20 dr|z3d
 * Router: Logging tweaks - don't display job id for warn level entries

2023-03-19 dr|z3d
 * Console: Display ip address if no authoritative hostname on /profiles

2023-03-18 dr|z3d
 * Router: Log caps and version of older/unreachable routers when ignoring
   tunnel requests

2023-03-17 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Add address helper link for qualifying servers on index page

2023-03-15 dr|z3d
 * Installer:
   - Supply wrapper-windows.jar with universal installer for Win64
   - Update service wrapper to 3.5.51 for non-Windows; drop ARM6

2023-03-14 I2P+ 2.2.0+

2023-03-13 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Don't flood unsolicited RIs we always reject
   - Don't accept unsolicited RIs for banned routers

2023-03-12 dr|z3d
 * Router: Never accept unsolicited store of RIs for various categories of
   router (old and unreachable, floodfill with SSU disabled etc)

2023-03-11 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Don't activate connection throttler until connections 2/3 of limit
   - Immediately disconnect from banned floodfills

2023-03-08 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add indicators to router b/w widgets for congestion caps

2023-03-07 dr|z3d
 * Console/Webapps: Replace monospaced font Droid Sans Mono with Fira Code
 * Router:
   - Perform reverse lookup when writing RIs to disk if reverse lookups enabled

2023-03-06 dr|z3d
 * Console: Shorten sidebar restart notification msg if advancedmode

2023-02-23 dr|z3d
 * Router: Ignore tunnel requests from older, unreachable routers

2023-02-22 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add tunnel accept/reject count to /profiles
 * Router: Add blocklist for Tor exit nodes

2023-02-21 dr|z3d
 * Installer: Upgrade launch4j from 3.0.1 to 3.5.0

2023-02-19 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add b/w tier counter to /peers table headings

2023-02-18 dr|z3d
 * Console: Ensure sort order on ntcp/ssu connection pages is sticky

2023-02-16 dr|z3d
 * Console: Show simplified SSU table & advanced view tab when in adv mode

2023-02-15 dr|z3d
 * Console: Make columns sortable for NTCP/SSU peers tables

2023-02-12 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add link to tunnel build success graph from sidebar label

2023-02-11 dr|z3d
 * Router: Prevent incoming connections from banlisted peers

2023-02-09 dr|z3d
 * Router: Add N tier to caps we demote from fast/high cap tiers

2023-02-07 dr|z3d
 * Router: Retain profiles for longer if interesting

2023-02-06 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add indicators for unreachable/floodfill peers on RI widgets
   - Add fastest transit tunnel page; limit to max 200 peers

2023-02-05 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Don't show single shot or disabled jobs on jobqueue stats
   - Overhaul flag + hash router representation
    - Display b/w tier in separate column on peers pages

2023-02-02 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Optional reverse dns lookups for peers on transit & tunnels
     by count pages (enable with routerconsole.enableReverseLookups=true)

2023-02-01 dr|z3d
 * Console: Cancel sidebar refresh timer when browser tab not active

2023-01-31 dr|z3d
 * Console: Limit display to max 50 peers on transit summary page
 * Router:
   - Add peer flag renderer to CommSystemFacade
   - Increase PumperTunnelGateway buffers and make ~ symmetrical
   - Halve PTG queues if under sustained CPU load

2023-01-29 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Increase threads and allocation memory for graph rendering
   - Add additional default graphs

2023-01-27 dr|z3d
 * Router: Throttle tunnel builds if CPU load average  > 95
 * Console: Sidebar refresh optimizations

2023-01-26 dr|z3d
 * Router: Upgrade out of date router log event to critical
 * Console: Don't show peer count if 0 in NetDb b/w tier section

2023-01-23 dr|z3d
 * Console: Prevent auto-update to vanilla I2P

2023-01-20 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add tunnel build success indicator to sidebar tunnel section
   - Add optional build success graph

2023-01-19 dr|z3d
 * Router: Disable SSU1 by default

2023-01-18 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Add required attribute to search input
 * Core: Add getCPULoadAvg() to SystemVersion

2023-01-17 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Split peer b/w tier into own column on /tunnelpeercount
   - Ensure sidebar max part tunnels displays the correct value
 * Router:
   - Slow down refresh routers job if under high cpu load
   - Delay Explorer Job if under high cpu load
 * I2PSnark: Apply filters to all loaded torrents if multi-page

2023-01-16 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Slow down peer test job if we're under load
   - Increase minimum fast tier routers to 200 (was 150)
 * Console:
   - Add stackoverflow search (via ddg) to /home
   - Don't load sidebar assets when refreshing via XHR

2023-01-15 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Add pagesize query param (patch by zzz)

2023-01-14 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark:
   - Simplify ajax refresh
   - Don't refresh when browser tab not visible
 * Core:
   - Add getSystemLoad() and getCPULoad() to SystemVersion
 * Router:
   - Increase EventPumper interval and Iterative Search concurrency
     if under high load
 * Console:
   - Add optional JVM CPU bar to /configsidebar
   - Add system load average to CPU bar tooltip

2023-01-13 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add additional site searches to /home

2023-01-07 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase max outbound bandwidth share if >=8 cores && >=4096MB

2023-01-06 dr|z3d
 * Router: Enhance participating throttler logging

2023-01-05 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add b33 definition to glossary

2023-01-04 dr|z3d
* Router:
  - Reduce tunnel growth factor for transit tunnels (was 1.3, now 1.2)
  - Increase timeout/first hop timeout for tunnel local requests

2023-01-03 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Exclude M tier routers from local tunnel builds by default and
     don't store on RIs on disk
   - Standardize temp ban for hostile / excessive tunnel requests to 30m

2023-01-03 dr|z3d
 * Router: Add temp banning to RequestThrottler

2022-12-31 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add licensing exception for I2P to help/legal

2022-12-28 dr|z3d
 * Router: Adjust min tunnels before throttle, default max part tunnels

2022-12-22 dr|z3d
 * Router: Vary NTCP event pumper thread sleep according to system specs

2022-12-21 dr|z3d
 * Tunnels: Harden participating throttler to mitigate against observed abuse
 * I2Tunnel: Standardize error pages sent by http server tunnel
 * Console: Add sub-titles to various tabbed pages (NetDb, Profiles, etc)

2022-12-19 dr|z3d
 * Router: Don't bother with lookups for uninteresting peers

2022-12-17 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Various javascript improvements/optimizations

2022-12-16 dr|z3d
 * Console: Persist error level logs in addition to critical logs

2022-12-14 dr|z3d
 * Console: Finish implementation of collapsible sidebar sections
 * Router: Adjust minimum/maximum share bandwidth limits

2022-12-11 dr|z3d
 * Imagegen: Display identicon/QR form submissions in situ;
   add 1024x1024 scaled examples

2022-12-09 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add link to eventlog on router logs header if in advanced mode

2022-11-28 dr|z3d
 * Console: Updates to NetDb lookup page (dropdowns from upstream etc)
 * I2PSnark: Persist screenlog toggle state

2022-11-26 dr|z3d
 * Router: Don't publish extended stats to netdb unless enabled via config

2022-11-24 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add auto-refresh toggle to peers SSU/NTCP table headers

2022-11-21 I2P+ 2.0.0+ released

2022-11-19 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Reduce iterative search concurrency if known routers > 4000
     and reduce threshold for skipping searches
   - Reduce processing time threshold before throttling part tunnels

2022-11-16 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Remove xml doctype and transitional html tags from jsp files
 * Router: Start expire participating tunnels job sooner after startup

2022-11-15 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Add variance to tunnel status tooltip; display as css tooltip
 * Build.xml: Add support for pack200 updates for all Java versions

2022-11-11 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add redirect pages for /help and /console

2022-11-05 NarratorZ
 * Console/Webapps: Chinese translation updates

2022-11-04 dr|z3d
 * Console: Tag help pages and other console strings for translation

 * Console: Alternative display fonts and global override.css file for use
   with all themes/webapps (console/dark/override_Sora.css)

2022-10-10 term99
 * graceful_restart.sh updates

2022-10-01 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Generic 403, 408, 429 http errors; Add 15s meta refresh
   for 408 (request timeout)

2022-09-16 dr|z3d
 * Proxy: Translation updates (de/fr/ru/uk/zh)

2022-09-10 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Cleanup refreshTorrents.js
 * Router:
   - Increase max IB/OB messages per pump for non-slow routers
   - Increase priorityblockingqueue & backlog queue if >=4GB JVM

2022-08-30 dr|z3d
 * Wrapper: Reduce restart delay and jvm timeout (new installs)

2022-08-30 HaruCode
 * I2PSnark: Persist torrent filters via localStorage

2022-08-24 1.9.0+ released

2022-08-24 dr|z3d
 * Console: Reduce deadlock detector interval to 1hr (was 24)
 * Router:
   - Increase max in/outbound message per pump for non-slow routers
   - Increase priority blocking queue/backlog for non-slow routers

2022-08-23 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Relax throttle for message sent to unconnected peers
   - Automatically enable SSU2 for routers with < 4 cores
 * I2PSnark: Persist torrent filters via local storage (patch by HaruCode)
 * graceful_update: Fixes and improvements from term99
 * I2PTunnel: Relax default throttles for server tunnels

2022-08-22 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Increase probability of SSU2 activation to 1 in 4
   - Mitigate lookup failure for new leasesets (patch by Obscuratus)

2022-08-07 dr|z3d
 * Router: Sync UDPSender CoDel parameters with global settings and enable
   global config override

2022-08-06 dr|z3d
 * Router: Reduce peer test frequency for SSU IP detection to 5m (was 13)
 * Console: Add info about i2np.udp.disablePeerTest to advanced help

2022-08-04 dr|z3d
 * Console: Use snark icon in sidebar service tunnels section

2022-07-25 dr|z3d
 * Router: Reduce default peer test timeout to 800ms (was 1s)

2022-07-24 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Ensure meta refresh tag is removed from  when console
     becomes visible
   - Link to /profiles from Peer Test Average label in sidebar

2022-07-23 dr|z3d
 * Console: Use sliders on /confignet
 * I2PTunnel: Add option for +/-3 tunnel hop variance for server tunnels
   in advanced mode

2022-07-21 dr|z3d
 * ClientManager: Increase default max sessions to 512

2022-07-19 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase max floodfills to push new leaseset to

2022-07-13 dr|z3d
 * Router: Add short temporary ban for routers when throttled for
   excessive participating tunnel requests

2022-07-02 dr|z3d
 * Router
   - Increase timeout for iterative search job and increase concurrency
     for non-slow routers
 * Increase max floodfills we attempt to store keys with and increase

2022-06-14 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Generic 503 (service unavailable) error page

2022-06-09 dr|z3d
 * Router: Modifications to job queue scheduler to reduce job lag

2022-05-31 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add router.overrideIsSlow to advanced config help page

2022-05-29 dr|z3d
 * Core: Add router.overrideIsSlow={true|false} config to enable
   overriding isSlow() system classification
 * Console: Show avilable core count and isSlow() status on /info

2022-05-28 dr|z3d
 * Core: Only mark 64bit single core systems slow if maxram < 384MB

2022-05-23 I2P+ 1.8.0+ released

2022-05-15 dr|z3d
 * SusiDNS: Add scanner.linuxfarm.i2p/hosts.txt to default subscriptions

2022-05-14 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Increase TunnelGatewayPumper requeue delay for slower systems
   - Increase max search limit for IterativeSearchJob

2022-05-13 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Don't expire short-lived iterative searches early
   - Reduce threshold for throttling messages to unconnected routers
 * Wrapper: Disable shared memory, increase max ram to 512MB (new installs)

2022-05-09 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase max queue size for PriorityBlockingQueue

2022-05-06 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase IterativeSearchJob timeout for leasesets

2022-05-01 dr|z3d
 * Console: Ensure sidebar minigraph stats overlay updates as per sidebar refresh

2022-04-28 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add verified status icon for routers with installed family certificates

2022-04-19 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase buffer for recent tunnel build ids

2022-04-18 dr|z3d
 * Console: Update advanced config help to reflect current defaults for
   router.maxTunnelPercentage and router.maxParticipatingTunnels

2022-04-14 dr|z3d
 * Console: Increase max share ratio readout to 100,000 (was 10K)

2022-04-13 dr|z3d
 * Console: Async image loading for flags/identicons

2022-04-08 dr|z3d
 * Console / Webapps: Disable OS high contrast mode if active

2022-04-03 dr|z3d
 * Console: Remove embedded logs link on /logs
 * I2PSnark: Inline form processing to prevent page reloads

2022-04-02 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Increase max queue length for UDPSender if !isSlow()
   - Increase max inbound/outbound messages per pump if !isSlow()
 * Console: Convert checkboxes to sliders on /graphs options
 * I2PSnark: Reduce short eepget timeout; increase max peers per torrent

2022-04-01 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Increase build executor loop interval
   - Tweak min/max eventpumper buffers
 * I2PSnark:
   - More syslogging / terminal output for standalone
   - Try harder before failing unresponsive trackers

2022-03-31 dr|z3d
 * Proxy: Iconize jump links

2022-03-31 dr|z3d
 * Proxy: Iconize jump links

2022-03-30 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Slow down exploration if > 5000 known peers
   - Reduce netdb router ceiling before slowing down RefreshRoutersJob

2022-03-26 dr|z3d
 * Console: Sidebar refresh optimizations

2022-03-24 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Process torrent creation / uploading in situ without
   requiring page reload and display inline notification

2022-03-22 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Process torrent control inline without page reload

2022-03-21 dr|z3d
 * Console: Streamline, refactor and optimize sidebar refresh javascript

2022-03-19 dr|z3d
 * Console/Proxy: Migrate readme and proxy error docs to own folders
 * Console: Convert checkboxes to slider on /configstats and /configui

2022-03-18 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add entries for random pong delay and i2p.streaming.answerPings
     to advanced help page
   - Add sidebar notification of imminent update after restart when
     router shutdown/restart is initiated if update is downloaded

2022-03-17 dr|z3d
 * Tunnels:
   - Standardize BuildExecutor rate stat periods
   - Increase next hop lookup timeout; drop tunnel if peer timeout

2022-03-16 dr|z3d
 * Logging: Replace all longhand ShouldLog references with shorthand
 * Router: Bump min v. for tests / usage / persistent storage to 0.9.53

2022-03-15 dr|z3d
 * Tunnels: Increase loop build time; make values constant not random

2022-03-14 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Russian translation updates courtesy of acetone

2022-03-08 dr|z3d
 * Streaming: make randomPongDelay configurable per tunnel
   - i2p.streaming.enablePongDelay={true|false} (default false)
   - i2p.streaming.maxPongDelay={n} (default: random value max 50ms)

2022-03-05 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Only attempt to load override.css if file exists

2022-03-04 dr|z3d
 * Reseeding: Increase min required routerinfos for manual/auto reseed

2022-03-03 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase tunnel requests before throttle; log throttle events

2022-03-02 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Add new .sh icon to filetypes

2022-02-28 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add spans to sidebar digital readouts to assist alignment

2022-02-27 dr|z3d
 * Router: Mark i2pd routers older than 0.9.53 as unreachable to mitigate
   i2pd SSU2 handling bug

2022-02-23 dr|z3d
 * Console/I2PSnark: Fix dysfunctional checkbox sliders

2022-02-21 I2P+ 1.7.0+ released

2022-02-20 dr|z3d
 * Console: Finish overhaul of dark and midnight console themes

2022-02-14 dr|z3d
 * Console: Move console-specific images to top level images/ dir

2022-02-12 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Redo selectors for div.app and friends for more specificity
   - Add note to label on /configsidebar about '0 to disable'
   - Add note to infohelp on /configui about resetting lost password

2022-02-12 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Migrate some selector classes to ids; shorten various selectors

2022-02-12 dr|z3d
 * Console: Refactor and fix dark theme arabic override

2022-02-09 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Migrate language flags on /configui to svgs
   - Add time.sntpServerList on help/advancedsettings and link from faq
   - Add spacer column to /configtunnels and adjust css accordingly

2022-02-07 dr|z3d
 * Console: Remove obsolete td align attribute, replace with align classes
 * Logging: Add milliseconds to default log date format

2022-02-06 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Reduce height of peer download bars

2022-02-06 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Move peer percentage downloaded indicator to tooltip

2022-02-03 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add links to exploratory, client, fast and highcap in sidebar
   - Add slider checkboxes for webapps/clients/plugins pages

2022-02-02 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Increase first-line header timeout (was 20, now 30s)

2022-02-01 dr|z3d
 * Console: Embed Socks Outproxy plugin in iframe if embed apps enabled

2022-01-31 dr|z3d
 * eepsite: Reduce log retention to 7 days (was 90); increase max threads
 * Console/I2PSnark: Remove unused javascript files
 * I2PTunnel: Iconize tunnel control buttons
 * Console/Webapps: Harden CSP headers

2022-01-28 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase max remote looksup when floodfill (was 30, now 50)
 * Console: use proxy.css for in-console errors and migrate css rules

2022-01-23 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add Mbit/s indication for allocated shared bandwidth
 * Console/Webapps: Migration of theme-based shared css rules to global.css

2022-01-21 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase verify floodfill store timeout (was 20s, now 30s)

2022-01-18 dr|z3d
 * Wrapper:
   - Adjust deadlock detection interval to 5m (new installs)
   - Reduce restart delay to 10s (new installs)
 * I2PSnark:
   - Increase short timeout on torrent fetch
   - Convert known b32 ad b64 addresses to hostname in router logs

2022-01-17 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add custom Socks Outproxy sidebar icon (light/midnight)

2022-01-15 dr|z3d
 * Console: Don't display OS specific strings in Java version on /jars

2022-01-13 dr|z3d
 * Console: Display icon only for various network states in sidebar
   unless mouseover

2022-01-09 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Only show peers on /peers if we've talked to them in the last minute
   - Merge outbound queue and backlogged columns on /peers

2021-12-28 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Display version in screenlog at startup if standalone

2021-12-26 dr|z3d
 * RRD4J: Add minimum values to graph legend
 * Console: Display IP address for blocklisted peers in banlist

2021-12-25 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Remove torrent status label column
 * Streaming: Increase default tags to send (was 32, now 40)

2021-12-23 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Use K/s notation instead of Kps

2021-12-19 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add link to gwhois.org for netdb ip addresses
   - Display indicator for balinsted routers in netdb router listing

2021-12-18 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase per-peer timeouts for LeaseSet republish job

2021-11-30 I2P+ 1.6.1+ released

2021-11-30 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase min version for peer tests and local tunnels to 0.9.51

2021-11-24 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Display truncated hash for banned peers in list
   - Enhance presentation of /home and /sitemap search bar

2021-11-21 dr|z3d
 * Console: Condense information presentation in /configplugins info tables
 * I2PSnark: Display share ratio bar on uploaded column stats

2021-11-18 dr|z3d
 * Eepsite: Add alt light colorscheme to default jetty-dir.css

2021-11-17 dr|z3d
 * Router: Less aggressive search for routers and leasesets

2021-11-12 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add new content optimization section in webhosting help;
   move .i2p domain registration help to separate page

2021-11-10 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel/DNSOverHTTPS: Update UserAgent to latest TorBrowser

2021-11-07 dr|z3d
 * SusiMail: Add theme-based favicons for non-embedded pages
 * Reseed: Add new hosts banana.incognet.io & coconut.incognet.io

2021-11-04 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Add custom UA for visits to skank.i2p to mitigate abuse

2021-10-18 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Default to ECIES leaseset encryption if unset

2021-10-14 dr|z3d
 * Console: Italian translation updates courtesy of senpaiNikolai

2021-10-05 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Increase max buildhandler queue
   - Relax participating tunnel throttler

2021-09-26 dr|z3d
 * Streaming: Reduce default initial ack delay (was 500ms, now 200)

2021-09-26 dr|z3d
 * Router: Double explore job concurrency if < 4K known peers in NetDb

2021-09-25 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase various ntcp/i2ptunnel buffers and caches

2021-09-21 dr|z3d
* Router: Increase max buffers in NTCP EventPumper

2021-09-17 dr|z3d
 * Router: Reduce replenish frequency in FIFOBandwidthRefiller to 50ms (was 1000)

2021-09-12 dr|z3d
 Router: Reduce requeue delay in TunnelGatewayPumper (was 50ms, now 40ms)

2021-09-10 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Increase banlist duration to 15m for misbehaving peers

2021-09-06 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add header link to bandwidth configuration on /home if unset
   - Add leading hardhat icon to tunnel ids on /tunnels

2021-09-05 dr|z3d
 * Router: Reduce router refresh search timeout after extended uptime

2021-08-28 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add SameSite=Strict and HttpOnly headers to cookies

2021-08-28 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Add opentracker.skank to list of default opentrackers

2021-08-27 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Reinstate deprecated router.maxWaitingJobs config
   - Increase delay between RefreshRouterJob runs if > known peers 8000

2021-08-24 1.5.0+ released

2021-08-24 dr|z3d
 * NetDb: Don't store older (<0.9.50) or unreachable RIs on disk

2021-08-21 dr|z3d
 * Router: During first 1/2h uptime, refresh routers more aggressively

2021-08-18 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add generation of etags for javascript assets

2021-08-17 dr|z3d
* Router: Reduce default max tunnels -> isSlow 2K / 8K

2021-08-03 dr|z3d
 * Router: Add config router.buildHandlerMaxQueue for tunnel build queue

2021-08-02 dr|z3d
 * Console: Theme icon and flags optimization

2021-07-26 dr|z3d
* I2PSnark: Add timestamps to screenlog using local system time

2021-07-24 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Show comments section in all directories, not just top level

2021-07-20 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Update file icons from png to svg

2021-07-17 dr|z3d
 * Console/Webapps: Replace droid ttf fonts with woff2, preload and cache hard

2021-07-16 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Add splash page to standalone version
 * Proxy: Display pageload bar while waiting for auto-reload

2021-07-13 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Migrate torrent status icons to in-war svgs

2021-07-13 dr|z3d
 * Router: require config to enable custom xi2p-location header

2021-07-12 dr|z3d
 * Console: Fix links to LeaseSets on /tunnels

2021-07-11 dr|z3d
 * Router: Fix router.exploreWhenFloodfill=true

2021-07-10 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase NTCP peer bandwidth update period to 1m (was 15s)

2021-07-08 dr|z3d
 * Router: Add configurable value for i2p.streaming.immediateAckDelay

2021-07-07 dr|z3d
 * Router: Query more floodfills if we're searching for a LeaseSet

2021-07-06 dr|z3d
 * SusiMail: Theme updates

2021-07-05 dr|z3d
 * Router: Reduce ExploreJob run time if SystemVersion.isSlow()

2021-06-26 dr|z3d
 * Console: Migrate background images to inline css variables (classic)

2021-06-25 dr|z3d
 * Console: Remove sites of interest section from readmes

2021-06-24 dr|z3d
 * Console: Show active peers min / hour in sidebar if advanced mode active

2021-06-23 dr|z3d
 * Console: Move svg and 48x48 flags into routerconsole.war

2021-06-23 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase max threads for NTCP/SSU on high performance routers

2021-06-17 dr|z3d
 * Console: Refresh itooplus logo

2021-06-17 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Renovate zilvero theme

2021-06-06 dr|z3d
 * Imagegen: Theme refresh

2021-06-04 dr|z3d
 * Console: Refresh sidebar logos

2021-06-01 dr|z3d
 * Proxy: Split proxy-related css into own files

2021-05-29 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Renovate vanilla theme

2021-05-25 dr|z3d
 * Console: Use KB/s on participating tunnels page to fix sorting issue (#11)

2021-05-22 0.9.50+ released

2021-05-21 dr|z3d
 * Router: Increase chance of rekey to ECIES to 1 in 2

2021-05-20 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add PumpedTunnelGateway configs to advanced settings help
 * Router:
   - Bump our own OB messages to max priority so they don't get dropped
   - Add configurable values for codel queue max size and backlog
     - router.codelMaxQueue={n}
     - router.codelBacklog={n}
   - Make PumperTunnelGateway inbound/outbound message per pump/queues configurable
     - router.pumpMaxOutboundMsgs={n}
     - router.pumpMaxInboundMsgs={n}
     - router.pumpInitialOutboundQueue={n}
     - router.pumpMaxInboundQueue={n}

2021-05-19 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add CoDel target / interval values to /info if in Advanced mode
   - Document router.codelTarget and router.codelInterval in /help/ section
 * Router:
   - Allow user configuration of CoDel target and interval values
     - router.codelTarget={n}
     - router.codelInterval={n}
   - Relax codel target / interval values (100ms / 1000ms)
   - Increase target/interval for codel queues to mitigate message dropping
   - Reduce max in/out messages by factor of 4 if backlogged (tgwpumper)

2021-05-18 dr|z3d
 * Router:
   - Cut new connections a bit more slack before marking backlogged
   - Use CoDelPriorityBlocking queue instead of PriBlockingQueue
     for NTCPConnection

2021-05-17 dr|z3d
 * Router: bump minimum version for local tunnels to 0.9.49

2021-05-15 dr|z3d
 * Router: standardize EventPumper stat periods for consistent graph timeframes

2021-05-10 dr|z3d
 * Console: Display job lag in microseconds in sidebar if < 1ms
 * Router:
   - Ensure router.exploreWhenFloodfill works as intended
   - Reduce concurrent tunnel builds for slow systems and routers
      with <= 4 cores

2021-05-09 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel:
   - Allow custom i2p.streaming.connectDelay value in IRC client tunnel
   - Increase default connectDelay to 150ms
 * Router:
   - Increase delay before running startGeoIP (was 5s, now 15s)
   - Reduce max to follow in SingleSearchLookup job; less if isSlow()

2021-05-07 dr|z3d
 * Router: Double max share bandwidth to 32768KB (was 16384)
 * Console:
     - Remove potential target="_blank" dupes in news feed
     - Lazy scroll news entries on 'All News' page

2021-04-27 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Ensure pageloader displays (dark/midnight)
   - Add lazyloading to /profiles -> floodfills

2021-04-26 dr|z3d
 * Console: Address sluggish dark theme performance on chrome/blink (dark)

2021-04-24 dr|z3d
 * SusiDNS: Refresh fallback png help image

2021-04-23 dr|z3d
 * Console: Convert stat labels to buttons on /configstats

2021-04-21 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Don't bother showing NTCP version on /peers
   - Lazy load peers and tunnel peer count tables

2021-04-17 15:39:38 dr|z3d
 * Scripts: Add GRACEFUL_UPDATE.md to installer/resources dir (thanks term99!)

2021-04-16 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Log downloaded update as critical to ensure it remains visible
   - Fix display of git revisions on /jars

2021-04-03 dr|z3d
 * Console: Use procedural backgrounds (dark theme)

2021-03-30 dr|z3d
 * Logging: Convert status error codes to strings in OBClientMessageOneShotJob

2021-03-29 dr|z3d
 * Console/Webapps: allow img-src data: in preparation for inlined css images

2021-03-28 dr|z3d
 * Router: Refresh remote leasesets more frequently (was 5 mins, now 90s)

2021-03-27 dr|z3d
 * Console: only show active peers in last 5 minutes in sidebar

2021-03-25 dr|z3d
 * Console: Ensure sybil routers in banlist display consistently

2021-03-22 dr|z3d
 * Util: Allow individual sub-systems to set their own thread priority

2021-03-19 dr|z3d
 * ProfileOrganizer: If less than min highcap peers, promote from non-failing

2021-03-18 dr|z3d
 * Console: Show successful / total averages for peer test in sidebar

2021-03-09 dr|z3d
 * Profile Organzier:
   - Retain profiles for 1 week
   - Don't create profiles for peers older than 0.9.48

2021-03-07 dr|z3d
 * PeerTestJob: Don't test peers older than 0.9.48

2021-03-07 dr|z3d
 * Profile Organizer: don't create profiles for K,L,M and unreachable peers

2021-03-06 dr|z3d
 * Profile Organizer: Forcibly evict K,L,M or unreachable peers from high cap group

2021-03-04 dr|z3d
 * PeerTestJob: Use successful test average as router.peerTestTimeout floor

2021-03-03 dr|z3d
 * Console: Don't show enviro table on /logs if advancedmode=true

2021-03-02 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add cake.i2p to /home
 * Imagegen: Change displayed random art hostname when host submitted

2021-03-01 term99
   * Scripts (linux): cleanup graceful_update

2021-03-01 dr|z3d
   * Streaming: Add tunable config router.passiveFlushDelay={n} (ms)

2021-02-28 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add tube.i2p to /home

2021-02-25 dr|z3d
 * BuildExecutor: Downgrade councurruncy throttling log to debug
 * I2PTunnel:
     - Increase minimum size to compress for http headers
     - Increase max retries for clients to 20 (was 8)
 * Router: reduce max peers in DHT before skipping exploratory search
 * RefreshRoutersJob: Suspend if job lag > 500ms or > 10K known peers

2021-02-22 dr|z3d
 * IterativeSearchJob:
   - Don't search so hard when > 6000 known peers
   - Increase totalsearchlimit when < 4000 known peers
 * PeerTestJob: Ensure timeout is never lower than total average

2021-02-19 dr|z3d
 * Console: Use floats for tunnel percentages on /tunnelpeercount
 * SusiDNS: Move info identicon to own column and add header

2021-02-18 dr|z3d
 * Eepsite: Alternative dark green jetty-dir.css
 * Console:
   - Add padlock icon for encryption type in NetDb section
   - Only show View Profile icon on router infos if profile available

2021-02-17 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Fix ipv4/ipv6 links on NetDb router infos
   - Truncate NetDb search queries for ipv6 router addresses to return results
   - Don't display advanced stats for routers with no profile

2021-02-16 0.9.49+ released

2021-02-16 dr|z3d
 * Console: add new peer test configs and others to /help/advancedsettings

2021-02-14 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Iconize peer groups on /profiles (fast, highcap etc)
   - Improve space usage for extended stats for routers in NetDb

2021-02-09 dr|z3d
 * Profile Manager: exclude K/L/M/unreachable peers from fast/highcap groups

2021-02-09 dr|z3d
 * Router: use highcap peers for exploratory tunnels by default

2021-02-06 dr|z3d
 * Router: use peertestjob to evict laggy routers from fast/highcap groups

2021-02-04 dr|z3d
 * Console: add optional Peer Test Avg readout to Congestion section
   of sidebar (enable with routerconsole.showPeerTestAvg=true)

2021-02-01 term99
 * Scripts: add graceful_update script for Linux/BSD

2021-01-30 dr|z3d
 * Console: don't require advanced mode to enable dev build updates;
   enable updating to I2P+ release builds by default

2021-01-25 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: reduce connectDelay from 200 to 50ms
 * NetDb: spoof part tunnel stats if > 4000 and publishing enabled

2021-01-24 dr|z3d
 * NetDb: Don't publish occasional stats to NetDb by default

2021-01-23 dr|z3d
 * Console: streamline bandwidth test results on /wizard

2021-01-19 dr|z3d
 * Console: reduce recent profile display time from 15 to 5 mins

2021-01-17 dr|z3d
 * Router: allocate less job handlers to slower routers

2021-01-16 term99
 * i2prouter.sh: fix service installation issue on Redhat/Centos/Fedora

2021-01-16 dr|z3d
 * Router: increase max clock shift before forced restart

2021-01-15 dr|z3d
 * SusiDNS: indicate refresh is required after adding new host
 * I2PTunnel: open add to addressbook link in new tab

2021-01-13 term99
 * i2prouter.sh: fix start/stop/status issue on FreeBSD

2021-01-12 dr|z3d
 * Stats: standardize minumum collection period to 60s
 * Router:
   - refresh routers less frequently when our netdb is large
   - increase tunnel pool threads for high performance routers

2021-01-08 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: elevate thread priorities for client and servers

2021-01-07 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - fix update frequency persistence on /configupdate
   - indicate if unsigned update is I2P+ in sidebar

2021-01-05 dr|z3d
 * Router: elevate thread priorities for SSU/NTCP

2021-01-04 dr|z3d
 * Console: add tunnel build concurrency / avg build time to Tunnels
   section on sidebar

2020-12-30 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: open 'preview' links in new tab

2020-12-28 term99
 * i2prouter: add graceful (restart) option
 * eepget/eephead/i2ping: error and argument handling

2020-12-19 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: consolidate private key / alt private key on edit page

2020-12-17 dr|z3d
 * Console: in advanced mode, check router.config every 1.5 minutes
 * Router:
   - don't log or run floodfill monitor job if we've manually
     configured floodfill status
   - larger bloom filter for > 2048MB routers if >= 6 cores

2020-12-07 dr|z3d
 * Router: increase size of bloom filter for >= 1024MB routers

2020-11-29 dr|z3d
 * Console: Display bandwidth rates to 1 decimal place when < 1MB/s

2020-11-27 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add application location and config directory to /info

2020-11-19 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Nuke tunnel build threads after 30s inactivity (was 2 minutes)

2020-11-18 dr|z3d
 * Console: Modifications to sidebar datarate display (decimal places)
 * Core: Increase fuzz (tolerance) for scheduled jobs to 100ms (was 3)

2020-11-13 dr|z3d
 Console: Remove floodfill configuration link from leasesets page

2020-11-10 dr|z3d
 * Router: Only run readconfig job on repeat if not in advanced mode

2020-11-07 dr|z3d
 * Console: Link truncated b32 to corresponding leaseset on /tunnels

2020-11-03 dr|z3d
 * Console: use shared optbox.css for checkbox/radio styling (dark theme)

2020-11-03 dr|z3d
 * Console: Display red star for tunnels with expired leasesets on sidebar

2020-10-29 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Replace *.fazanka.i2p with *.chudo.i2p
 * Ant: refactor build targets help

2020-10-28 dr|z3d
 * Logging: Ensure ellipsis displays correctly in raw logs

2020-10-26 dr|z3d
 * Console: Truncate i2psnark announce/fetch urls in console logs
 * Streaming: Decrease max timeout for pings to 60s (was 5min)
 * I2PTunnel: Sync tunnel filter access lists every 5s (was 10)

2020-10-23 dr|z3d
 * Console: Update tunnel filter help page with various clarifications

2020-10-23 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Tweak peer inactivity timeout and max connections per peer/global

2020-10-21 dr|z3d
 * Console/Webapps: Set dark theme as default (new installs)

2020-10-19 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Add last activity to tooltip for uploaded values

2020-10-18 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Display upload ratio on tooltip for uploaded values; don't display
   decimal place when upload ratio is 0

2020-10-17 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark:
   - Add support for loading svg images from war file
   - Refresh start(all), stop(all), delete and toggle log icons with svgs

2020-10-16 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Display b32 for clients if primary address is hostname or b64 on
   index page

2020-10-15 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Display sig type and encryption type on index page;
   migrate tunnel description to tooltip on tunnel name

2020-10-14 dr|z3d
 * Console/I2PSnark: Attempt to mitigate queued sidebar refresh by stopping
   ajax calls when console isn't visible

2020-10-11 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Refactor some sections to save vertical space on config pages

2020-10-10 dr|z3d
 * I2CP: Downgrade socket closed class errors to WARN
 * I2Ping: Reduce default timeout to 8 seconds

2020-10-07 dr|z3d
 * Console: Don't show ephemeral i2ping tunnels on /configstats
 * I2PSnark:
   - Don't show full java error in screenlog
   - Only show 'javascript disabled' warning in screenlogs pre-init

2020-10-05 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Update Firefox/TB user agent string

2020-10-04 dr|z3d
 * Eepget:
   - Enhance console output; add shell/bat script (new installs only)
   - Display 'Last Modified' header if present
 * I2Ping: Enhance console output; add shell/bat script (new installs only)

2020-10-02 dr|z3d
 * Router: Don't use unreachable peers for exploratory tunnels

2020-09-29 dr|z3d
 * Console: Only update logging sections if changes detected

2020-09-29 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Make tunnel build notifications use a single line where practicable
   - Refactor leasesets pages

2020-09-27 dr|z3d
 * Console: Enable sidebar bandwidth graph by default and display on /home

2020-09-26 dr|z3d
 * Console: Don't display clock skew or backlog on sidebar if 0
 * I2Ping: Enhance console output

2020-09-24 dr|z3d
 * Console: display custom icon on /tunnels and sidebar for i2ping

2020-09-21 dr|z3d
 * Console: optimize width of b32s under local services in sidepanel

2020-09-20 dr|z3d
 * Graphs:
   - Ensure correct capitalization of graph titles
   - Change minimum graph period to 5 minutes (was 20) and minimum refresh
     period to 5 seconds (was 15); add 10 second refresh option
   - Display 'router down' animation on /graphs when router restarting

2020-09-19 dr|z3d
 * Graphs: Increase maximum dimensions of graphs to 8K (7680 x 4320)

2020-09-18 dr|z3d
 * Graphs: enhance presentation of rrd4j graphs; ensure single graph loads
   at native resolution

2020-09-16 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: If Snark's inbound traffic graph is enabled, overlay a 24hr
   activity graph on screenlog

2020-09-12 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Reinstate auto-refresh on tunnel manager index page and ensure
   it works with the toggle details button

2020-09-11 dr|z3d
 * Console: Display loading bar placeholder when no service tunnels active

2020-09-10 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark:
   - Add auto-refresh for downloading files on torrent details page

2020-09-06 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Change caching policy to reduce requests for cached assets
   - Selectively hide sidebar sections on shutdown/restart
 * I2PSnark: Update caching policy to reduce requests for cached assets

2020-09-05 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Refine sidebar bandwidth graph display to eliminate flicker
   - Conditionally display some sidebar readouts when value > 0
 * I2PSnark:
   - Replace ajax refresh with more fine-grained script that only
     refreshes updated elements

2020-09-04 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Replace sidebar ajax refresh script with more fine-grained script
     that only refreshes updated sidebar sections, reducing cpu-load
   - Refactor jsp pages so page content loads before sidebar

2020-08-28 dr|z3d
 * Console: Refresh sidebar network status icons with svgs

2020-08-23 dr|z3d
 * Eepsite: Update presentation, update text (en), update template

2020-08-21 dr|z3d
 * Imagegen: Improve presentation of random art, don't show b/w text
   version, and load user-generated art in iframe

2020-08-20 dr|z3d
 * Console/webapps: Modify cache-control policies to mitigate against
   reloading of static files (images, fonts etc)

2020-08-17 dr|z3d
 * Eephead: Display more server header fields, reduce default timeout,
   set default retry to 1 (was 0), don't output console error

2020-08-16 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Add notbob.i2p to default http client tunnel jump links;
   remove no.i2p jump link
 * SusiDNS: Add notbob.i2p to default subscriptions (new installs only)

2020-08-03 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark:
   - Only show peers active peers when Active filter enabled
     (hide choked/interested)
   - Reduce period for bandwidth/ETA calculation to enable realtime
     display of upload/download/ETA information

2020-07-30 dr|z3d
 * SusiDNS: Use identicon images in books as "more info" links

2020-07-24 dr|z3d
 * Router: Change I2PClient default sigtype from DSA_SHA1 to Ed25519

2020-07-07 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add svg support for flags

2020-06-26 dr|z3d
 * Console: Replace icons on /home and sitemap with svgs

2020-06-11 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Only show blacklist/whitelist textarea when enabled

2020-06-08 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: More space-efficient layout for tunnel config;
   migrate hints for tunnel config to tooltips

2020-06-06 dr|z3d
 * SusiDNS: Widgetize page navigation; search before filter

2020-05-25 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel:
   - Relax default throttling limits on server tunnels
   - Enable both encryption types for all default tunnels (new installs only)
   - Add purokishi.i2p as alternative to false.i2p outproxy (new installs only)
 * Susimail: Upgrade toggleHeader.js to ensure CSP compliance

2020-05-22 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Add javascript handler to select all text in readonly inputs

2020-05-20 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Display filtered torrent count and type in table
   when torrent filter bar is active and persist filtered results

2020-05-19 dr|z3d
 * I2PTunnel: Make tunnel info toggle CSP compliant
 * I2PSnark: Male toggleLog and torrentDisplay CSP compliant

2020-05-15 dr|z3d
 * Jetty: Use global jetty-dir.css if in docroot/.resources/ or
   use enhanced inline style otherwise
 * Console: Remove inline js from /graphs and /stats

2020-05-12 dr|z3d
 * Console/Webapps: Complete classic theme overhaul

2020-05-10 dr|z3d
 * Router: Add unreachable peers to peerExcludeCaps defaults
 * Profiles: Remove floodfill peer profiles after 3 hours of inactivity

2020-05-03 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark:
   - Improve sorting algorithms and display active sort indicator
   - Don't deprioritize outbound traffic

2020-04-28 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Delay autostart for 30s if set to 0

2020-04-19 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Add config setting to configure max files per torrent:
   i2psnark.maxFilesPerTorrent=n & display readonly field on configure page

2020-04-09 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Custom file icons for I2P/I2P+ updates
 * Router: Enable activation of router.dynamicKeys config

2020-04-04 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Replace filetype icons with hidpi versions

2020-03-14 dr|z3d
 * Graphs: Update rrd4j to 3.60 snapshot

2020-03-05 dr|z3d
 * Router: When known peers is >2000, make max fast/high cap peers a
   percentage of known peers (10% for high cap, 5% for fast peers)

2020-03-04 dr|z3d
 * Console: Migrate participating tunnels from /tunnels to /tunnelsparticipating

2020-02-24 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add page to display tunnel count for both local and
     participating tunnel groups per peer and add link to /tunnels
   - Cleanup /profiles unit display
 * I2PSnark:
   - Replace livingstone tracker with fazanka
   - Integrate TorrFreedom details links

2020-02-20 dr|z3d
 * Router: Reduce time for re-evaluating peer caps, adjust
   min/max values for fast and high cap peers and adjust
   algorithm for calculating fast peers to pick better quality
   peers for client tunnel usage

2020-02-15 dr|z3d
 * Console: Migrate from JRobin to RRD4J for in-console graphs

2020-02-14 dr|z3d
 * Console: Reduce interval for updating country list on /netdb
   from 1/2 hour to 5 minutes to keep the list fresh

2020-02-12 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Remove ungraphable stats from /configstats and move graphable stats
     from table rows to divs for better presentation; remove toggle all links
   - Show router version tooltip and floodfill status on routerid with flags;
     move ip address to flag tooltip
   - Improved font handling for graphs that enables a css-style list
     of supported fonts
   - Fix NPE on graphs page (and sidebar when minigraph is enabled) when
     no theme is explicitly configured
   - Router: use I2PSpeed's thread management for more efficient allocation
     of threads

2020-01-27 dr|z3d
 * Console:
   - Add Peers and Tunnels sections to sidebar on /home when not in
   advanced mode
   - Hide Reseed URL configuration on /configreseed when not in advanced mode
     and add a note about activating advanced mode to enable configuration

2020-01-23 dr|z3d
 * Console: Only permit editing of session-only tunnel configuration on
   /configtunnels when in advanced mode; replace client tunnels links on
   /tunnels with tunnel manager link when not in advanced mode
 * I2PSnark: Add tooltips to tunnel quantity dropdowns indicating number
   of configured tunnels is maximum and may be lower in practice, and to
   hop count indicating inadvisability of setting hops < 3

2020-01-22 dr|z3d
 * Console: Add override.css.charcoal to light theme directory;
   improvements to dark override.css.ocean.blue override file;
 * SusiDNS: Add override.css.charcoal to light theme directory
 * SusiMail: Add override.css.charcoal to light theme directory

2020-01-15 dr|z3d
 * Console: Show primary ip of router on tooltip for routerids with flags

2020-01-12 dr|z3d
 * Console: Do not display dead tunnels on /tunnels and hide Participating
   tunnel section when no participating tunnels active
 * TunnelManager: Add support for theme overrides to console override
 * SusiDNS: Add support for theme overrides (override.css)
 * SusiMail: Add support for theme overrides (override.css)

2020-01-06 dr|z3d
 * Router: Bump default minimum version of routers allowed in NetDb to 0.9.29

2019-12-29 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark:
   - Make comment section and file directories collapsible; only show comments
     section uncollapsed if comments/ratings exist; only show directories
     uncollapsed if 10 or less files in directory or not root dir for torrent
   - Display mp3 artist and track title tags in file viewer when available,
     and show filename on mouseover

2019-11-24 dr|z3d
 * Console: Set default sidebar refresh to 3 seconds

2019-11-10 dr|z3d
 * I2PSnark: Enhance presentation of video thumbnails and enable
   fullscreen playback of videos in iframe

2019-10-29 dr|z3d
 * Proxy: Update clearnet browser user agent to Firefox ESR 68 to sync with
   latest Tor Browser

2019-10-23 dr|z3d
 * SusiDNS: Enhance iframed midnight theme

2019-10-06 dr|z3d
 * SusiDNS: Decouple update subscriptions function from 'Save' button
   and add separate 'Update' button; hide 'Reload' button

2019-10-05 dr|z3d
 * Router: Wait at least 5 minutes after startup before building
   participating tunnels (increased from 90s)
 * SusiDNS: Implement per-theme css-styling of overview svg with